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You are part of a movement.


As an art therapy professional, you have numerous opportunities to engage in projects on both state and national levels. Join these critical efforts:

AzATA offers the opportunity for supervision hours and


azata provides Art therapists, students and helping professionals with career growth opportunities including CEUs.

Pillars of Strength is a traveling interactive art project which honors the contribution of military families. These men, women and children often go unrecognized for the backbone support they provide to the men and women who serve our country.​

Shown: AZATA BOD and general members introduced the application for an art therapy  bill before State officials. The bill was received, moved through the Senate and the House, and signed into law in May, 2017.

Featured: Pillars of Strength


Azata facilitates public events and activities that address social justice issues through collaborative and

therapeutic art processes.


social justice

As the nation’s leading non-profit organization for advancing the art therapy profession, the American Art Therapy Association provides its members with the latest information, resources, and meaningful networking opportunities. The association advocates for the furtherance of the profession and connects members to the important work of art therapists around the world.

AZATA promotes public safety

by engaging our legislators

and addressing ethical issues with organizational providers.

Our purpose

The Arizona Art Therapy Association protects the public's ability to obtain high quality art therapy services. We clearly define the art therapy profession to legislators, organizations, artists and the general public.

Welcome to the Arizona Art Therapy Association!


azata supports military families through a traveling interactive art exhibit.

azata led the process for the state approval of bill SB1434.

art therapy is now law in Arizona!

Our mission is to educate and advocate for the art therapy profession. We support opportunities for community outreach, research, continuing education, career development and networking.

A chapter of the American Art THerapy Association